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Imprint Coffeehouse - pt 7 - WE'RE OPEN!

If you've followed our social media in any form, you'll probably have noticed by now that our coffeehouse is OPEN! We opened the doors for the first time on Thursday, June 22nd. It's been an absolute blast to see the space being enjoyed for the past month.

This blog is the final installment to the Mill St Coffeehouse renovation saga. We'll showcase some of the results below, and we encourage you to look back through the previous blog entries in the series to get the full affect, but's the details to come visit!

Open Hours:

Thursday through Saturday 7:30am-2:30pm (More hours coming soon!)


7 Mill St

Sodus NY 14551


Shop Manager - Heidi


Our current menu is identical to what we've all come to know; we're serving all our stellar coffee and tea drinks, and we have our scratch-made baked goods with vegan options available.

In the near future(probably fall), we'll be firing up the panini press and stocking our sandwich table to custom breakfast paninis! We've got great plans to utilize our new kitchen.

Now you know when and where to visit, and we'd love to see you! We have plenty of space, a designated kids area, changing tables in all three bathrooms, air conditioning, local artwork, and so much more. Bring a friend!

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