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Trevor Leach  

Owner/lead roaster/equipment

Equipment installation, lead roaster, in-house contractor, jack of all trades. Trying to master coffee. 

Christina Leach

Owner/catering/menu curation

Manages the coffee trailer for events, markets, and catering private events. She's one of our resident artists and manages the menu with our staff. 




In part, Chris is in charge of managing orders, subscriptions, shipments, and deliveries. The day-to-day workload involves so much more, and Chris makes it happen.



Sodus Coffeehouse Manager

Heidi is in charge of operations in Sodus Point via our semi-permanent coffee truck, open May-September. You'll also see her occasionaly at the Roastery & Drive-thru in Sodus NY. 



Sodus Point Manager

Cece does whatever it takes to make sure stellar coffee and service is served in Sodus Point. She's an incredible personality that strives to make everyone's day better, all while making sure the coffee truck is stocked, staffed, and the coffee is brewing.  

Management Team

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