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Coffee. Making a difference.

Our business is so much more than just coffee. It's more than just setting out to create a great place to work. Imprint Coffee Roasting is about making a difference. Our mission statement is "To make today a better day for everyone we interact with. People first. Then coffee. But always stellar coffee." 

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People first. Then coffee.

We say as a team regularly, "People first, then coffee". The fact is, Imprint Coffee Roasting isn't here for coffee alone, we're ultimately here for people. The staff, the customers, the farmers we source from, and the businesses we partner with are all top priority. Coffee is just the vehicle we drive to meet and care for people the best way we know how.


Since our beginning, we've worked towards cultivating relationships with coffee farmers and importers around the world to ensure that we are sourcing direct trade and fair trade coffee. We can proudly say that our coffee is benefiting the people responsible for it's growth and processing. If we stumble across a coffee that does not clearly show where and how the money is benefiting the farm and communities, we do not get behind it. Period. 


From beginning to end, we put great effort in maintaining integrity, good ethics, and transparency. Here are some key ways we do our best to use our business as a means of changing lives around the world, all thanks to your support:

  • Percentage of all of our sales goes towards fighting human trafficking through the Set Free Movement

  • We have paired full-time with Wayne County Community Schools, raising funds and supplying work experience for teenagers and young adults. 25% of the KidsPrint coffee sales goes directly to them.

  • Freedom Blend coffee raises 25% of each sale to fight human trafficking

  • Fundraising for local schools and other organizations through direct partnerships, optimizing earning potential

  • Generous annual budget for donations to local organizations and charity events

  • Creating fun, safe, and rewarding jobs in our community.


    Serving people every day, a product we can be passionate about with a genuine smile. 


How can we care for you? Let us serve you the best coffee we can with the best service. We are confident you'll be glad you shopped with us. If, for some reason, something does not go the way you'd like, please do not hesitate to reach out to our full-time management team

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