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Mill St Coffeehouse pt 6

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Welcome back for another chapter in this coffeehouse buildout story where we attempt to save 7 Mill St from demolition. Spoiler alert: It's saved! We are legitimately nearing the end of our work here before we open up the building to the public. We're so close, in fact, that we're scheduling inspections and getting updated insurance, payroll, and all the other business stuff lined up.

It's been just over three months since out last blog update and we'll keep this one brief, because we plan to release another post soon, which will be the FINAL chapter in the buildout series where we announce the opening date!

The last update consisted of things like the exterior being done, stairs in the beginning stages of construction, and drywall. So much drywall. Well, here's some of the highlights that we've accomplished since then:


Every time we thought we were almost done with drywall, we had more to go. It seemed to never end, but getting the sanding done and finally calling in Tom to paint was such a relief. For this portion we had a lot of hands-on work experience help from Steady Work, a local organization we partner with finacially by way of KidsPrint coffee!


Painting has been a solid team effort between Christina, Heidi, and Tom . Christina spent some late nights knocking out trim paint and the second color to our two-tone scheme, and Tom and pulled an all-nighter or two, and knocked out the ceilings and main walls. There's still some finishing touches here and there to hit, but we can say the bulk is done!

New Lighting Throughout

Custom Tables

It was a real treat to source our maple slabs from some Imprint regulars to build our custom live-edge tables. They are awaiting their final glaze-coat, but they came out great.

Bar Area Removed and Rebuilt

Simply put, it was moldy, rotted, and falling over. Out with the old, and in with the new! The old bar top was preserved and place on top of the new wall.

Kitchen Almost done

Sanded Floors

All of the floors are sanded downstairs! In addition, we also replaced the subfloor and flooring upstairs with luxury vinyl plank.

Old Walk-In Gone. Hello new Walk-In.

Here's the deal, there were plants growing beneath the fiberglass panels of the old walk-in. No joke. We stripped it back to nothing and started over. Done and ready for new refrigeration!


We'll be open soon for sure. What we are not doing, however, is rushing into it. You can be sure that we're going to take the time to finish the build, regroup as a staff, train, and set off on a solid foundation. This is an incredible time for us as a team to focus on quality and consistency across the board, and go back to the Roaster & drive-thru, coffee truck, coffee trailer, and the new coffeehouse with confidence, passion, and pride in our craft.

Okay so heres the deal as we wrap-up. Watch out for the next post! It will announce our opening, hours of operation, and more! We can hardly wait. In the meantime, here's a brand-new code to use in our online store to get 15% off your entire order when you spend $30 or more! Code: COFFEEHOUSE

Forever grateful for your support and constant interest in this project. Let's get it open.



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