Management Team

Trev and Xina.jpeg

Trevor Leach  

Owner/lead roaster/equipment

Equipment installation, lead roaster, in-house contractor, jack of all trades. Trying to master coffee. 

Christina Leach

Owner/catering/menu curation

Manages the coffee trailer for events, markets, and catering private events. She's one of our resident artists and manages the menu with our staff. 



Drive-thru operations manager.


Victoria makes the daily operations happen. Team scheduling, inventory management, reports analysis, and so much more. She keeps the drive-thru baristas and bakers on track and well prepared.




In part, Chris is in charge of managing orders, subscriptions, shipments, and deliveries. The day-to-day workload involves so much more, and Chris makes it happen.



Coffee Truck - Sodus Point Manager

Heidi is in charge of operations in Sodus Point via our semi-permanent coffee truck, open May-September. You'll also see her occasionaly at the Roastery & Drive-thru in Sodus NY.