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Freedom Blend Coffee - Changing lives

Imprint Coffee Roasting was created in 2016 with the mission to make today a better day for the people we interact with. What started as a small farmer's market mission(and remains very much that), we've gone global with it. We work hundreds of hours every month to source, roast, and distribute coffee ethically from around the world, ensuring that our product changes lives from green seed to the brewed coffee we all love and enjoy. When you purchase a bag or cup of coffee through Imprint Coffee Roasting, you're literally changing lives.

In the beginning of 2022, we began donating a percentage of all sales every month to The Set Free Movement, an organization aimed at fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery. They have the teams, tools, and resources to infiltrate this issue in ways we very likely never could on our own, and they do it with such grace and care.

Fast forward a few months, Trevor met with the director of The Set Free Movement, Kevin Austin and the assistant director of development, Tedd Smith, and chatted coffee and change. As a result, we've partnered with this incredible movement to offer the Freedom Blend coffee!! 25% of every bag sold goes

directly to The Set Free Movement, and it can be purchased online and through our locations. Wholesale pricing is also available. Contact Chris at

If there was ever a moment we were unable to explain how well this organization lines up with our mission and how incredibly excited we are, this is that moment. We are so thrilled to have met these folks and the work they do every single day. Our hopes for this partnership are that we will be able to give more awareness to their efforts and to the very real issues of trafficking and slavery today, and financial support as well.

We say it often, but seriously thank you for making this mission a reality every day. We strive to roast the best coffee, sure. But the best tasting coffee in the world is of no use to us if it is not truly changing a life for the better. May our interactions with our customers, farmers around the world, and team here portray that every day.

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